Titan Airways at Stansted Airport – IPCCTV and Access Control

We’ve been working with Titan Airways at Stansted for many years providing both Axis based IPCCTV systems and Net2 Access Control.  With the size of their Aircraft hanger, their multiple sites of operations and high profile of some of their clients Titan have always been a customer who present us with interesting challenges.

Paul Taylor – IT Manager Titan Airways

“Abingdon Access have always provided a professional, helpful and personalised service.  The solution installed at Titan Airways was exactly as designed working first time.  The modular design has allowed the system to grow from a small installation, covering a single area within the  business to encompassing swipe card access for all our employees across our split premises.  Successful CCTV integration has been implemented with Abingdon Access able to provide the design, hardware, install and best practice advice regarding set-up and configuration.  I would strongly recommend Abingdon Access when it comes to the Paxton/Milestone solution for businesses wishing to implement security and surveillance.”

When Titan came to us and explained that they needed to control a door, provide real time video coverage of the door and then review footage of who had passed through that door we had exactly the right solution for them.  By evolving their Axis IPCCTV to a Milestone solution and then integrating Milestone with Net2 we were able to provide a single point of management.  For this door they would have a single interface from which to review video footage based on door events.  For example, looking through the Net2 event history for this door Titan could see when “David Smith’s” card was used and then click on a link showing the video footage of that event.  To then visually confirm that that it was David Smith who used the card took the security on this door to a whole new level.