CCTV installations

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Customer focused CCTV installation is fundamental to our continued business success. Our extensive CCTV installation industry experience combined with a long history of IP, networking and IT skills empowers us to deliver secure and cost effective CCTV solutions.

Successful CCTV systems must be founded on thorough and comprehensive solution design. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our customers goals, existing infrastructure, and budgets.
Working with industry leading partners such as HIKVISION, Hanwha Wisenet Wave, Samsung and Axis ensures our customers benefit from solutions that utilise the latest in technical innovation, smart CCTV analytics and cost effective security.

CCTV for Business

Businesses need stability, reliability and cost effective security.We are proud to have a strong history of delivering solutions to all corners of the corporate and business sector. From large multinationals to the UKAEA, MOD and local tech start-ups we have the experience and technical expertise to design, install and deliver innovative, effective and cost efficient CCTV solutions.Effective CCTV installation that is well integrated into your existing IT infrastructure helps protect your business, your employees, your assets and investments.

CCTV for Education

Schools, Colleges and Universities can all benefit from the safety and security that well designed properly installed CCTV provides. Abingdon Access have a strong track record of CCTV installation in both the state and independent education sectors. Pupil safety and property and site security can all be enhanced with effective and well-designed CCTV.

CCTV for Home

We offer a professional home CCTV installation service.Good security has multiple layers and an effective domestic CCTV solution plays an essential part in comprehensive home security.Connection of your CCTV to your home network to provide remote iPhone / Android and PC based access is simple, straightforward and cost effective.