CCTV Systems Surrey

Delivering CCTV solutions throughout Surrey and the south of England, Abingdon Access has the industry experience and skills to design and implement effective and valuable CCTV systems.By working with manufacturers such asAxis,Canonand Vista and as a Milestone Certified Partnerwe are able to deliver comprehensive and cost effective CCTV solutions.

Successful CCTV systems must be founded on comprehensive and thorough solution design.Our customers known that we take the time to understand their needs, goals and budgets.

Paul Taylor IT Manager Titan Airways – Stansted Airport

“Abingdon Access were able to provide the design, hardware, install and best practice advice regarding set-up and configuration. I would strongly recommend Abingdon Access”

IPCCTV and Traditional CCTV Systems Surrey

IPCCTV is increasingly becoming the default choice for our customers. Thebenefits of High Definition video coverage which expands upon and utilizes customers existing networks, servers and storage is the type of carefully considered solution our customers want.

Peter Welford Business Support Manager – Murata Electronics – Surrey

We are very happy with the results and the way the work was carried out and would recommend their work to other companies.

Design and Installation

Professional installation is key to ensuring smooth operation and trouble free use of any CCTV system.Ourtrained and experienced staff will work with you to design and implement a system that is focused on your needs.Contact us or callus on 01235 536 662.