Proximity fob and swipe card systems

We offer a comprehensive range of access control systems from single door stand-alone products to large scale PC based networked systems. If you are looking for swipe cards, PIN or a proximity fob system call us on (01235 536 662) or e-mail us.

PC-based access control systems

Our PC-based systems deliver ultimate control over your doors, users’ access and availability. All configuration is undertaken at the PC which also gives you full real-time reporting on activities. Using simple zoning of doors you can allow different groups of users access to different groups of doors or even different buildings. Our PC-based systems are all about giving you control over your doors.

CCTV integration

We have seen a real increase in demand for integrating our customers’ access control and CCTV solutions. We now offer a range of integrated access control systems that allow real-time video monitoring of your doors from within your access control management software. What’s more, we can provide a level of integration that will automatically correlate events at your doors with stored video footage. As a Milestone Partner and a Paxton Net2 gold installer we are providing our customers with market leading IPCCTV and access control system integration.

Stand-alone solutions

Our PIN, fob and swipe card stand alone solutions are a very accessible way of providing an access control system without the expense of linking doors together or cabling into your network. These solutions are ideal for customers with simple needs, smaller numbers of employees or a tight budget. We can still provide access to multiple doors with employees only requiring a single fob or card.